Help Us Get More Kids From All Backgrounds Playing Tennis


2016 Year-End Letter from CEO of JTCC, Ray Benton

Dear JTCC Supporters,

For the past 17 years, JTCC has been very effective in equipping student-athletes with the tools to earn college scholarships.  We remain dedicated to providing world-class tennis and educational programs to children from all demographic backgrounds.  We’re able to offset our basic operating expenses through tuition revenue from students who can afford to pay and from membership dues generated by the College Park Tennis Club.  The bottom line is that when we ask you to contribute at year-end to JTCC, we can assure you that your entire contribution is applied directly to the education and training of children who truly need financial assistance.

Many young players at JTCC start their journey at our Community Outreach sites in Washington, DC and Prince George’s County.  We identify children who have athletic ability and demonstrate a real love of tennis, and we also try very hard to find players who will develop a strong work ethic and good character traits.  This philosophy produces student-athletes who will be good citizens and give back for the rest of their lives.

Giving back is an important aspect of the JTCC culture.  Our “Champs” players assist coaches in teaching in underserved neighborhoods and giving lessons to younger players at JTCC.  It is essential that the self-reliance that our young people develop playing tennis is complimented by selflessness and an understanding of the importance of helping others.

Our performance on and off the tennis court continues to excel.  We are proud to report that in 2016 an impressive one million dollars in scholarships was awarded to our graduates to attend schools including Harvard, Virginia, NYU, Penn State, South Carolina, Indiana, and Georgia Tech.  Also in 2016, JTCC alumni led their teams to the NCAA finals for Virginia, Bowdoin College, and Williams College.

We believe these results are what have earned us the recognition as the premier tennis training program in the country.  Like all successful programs, we must manage operating and overhead costs in order to continue identifying promising children from all demographic backgrounds.  It is your continued support and generosity that keeps JTCC successful and thriving.

As a nonprofit, JTCC is dependent upon charitable contributions to cover financial aid for student-athletes with verified financial need and to fund our Community Outreach initiatives.  As you are planning your year-end giving, we would appreciate your consideration.  JTCC accepts online donations, checks, credit cards, and gifts of stock.  Please email Vijay Paul if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Ray Benton



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