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JTCC School Celebrates Pi Day

On Wednesday, March 14 (aka 3/14), students, teachers and coaches gathered in the JTCC School for our annual celebration of Pi Day.  For several hours, we enjoyed food, math and more. This year, our pie-tasting contest was more fruitful than ever before – families and staff members dedicated 20 different pies!  The consensus winner, and ...

JTCC March News

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JTCC January News

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College Tennis Recruitment and Selection Process

JTCC College Recruiting Director Mike Vann gives an insight into the how to approach the college recruitment and selection process:  College tennis recruiting can sound like an intimidating, overwhelming and complex process. However, JTCC players are provided with college recruiting advice as part of their Champions Program package. Students who are rising Juniors and Seniors in ...

December 2017 Newsletter

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National Museum of Health and Medicine

JTCC players spent the morning on Thursday, November 30th at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The museum, which is run by the Department of Defense, traces back to the 1860s and the Civil War.  It commemorates advances in medical history, especially as related to the military.  As part of ...

JTCC Fitness Newsletter

A note from The Green & Gold Editor-in-Chief, Mackenzie Clark: Welcome to the first edition of the JTCC fitness newsletter! As you all know, The Green & Gold is published every two months. This fitness newsletter will be published in conjunction with The Green & Gold as well as separately every month. This newsletter is ...

Green And Gold Fall Edition

The latest edition of JTCC's student newspaper edited by Mackenzie Clark is out just in time for Christmas!

JTCC School Quizbowl Team Win 2 Matches at First Ever Competition

On Sunday November 6th students from the JTCC school participated in the 12th Annual Quiz Bowl hosted by Centennial High School for the first time. This academic competition saw 102 teams and roughly 530 middle and high school students answer questions that covered multiple topics. The event hosted at Centennial has become a fall favorite ...