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6/28 Newsletter from the Edge

Catch up on the last week of Summer Mental Conditioning at JTCC by clicking on the preview image below:   Advertisements

The Edge – Summer 2019 Mental Conditioning at JTCC

Dear JTCC Players and Parents, We are excited to update you on the Edge's summer curriculum! The Edge is the Mental Conditioning Center located at JTCC. Tennis requires more than just physical skill; athletes who are mentally fit will be better prepared to play to their full potential. This summer, mental conditioning coaches will be ...

Exploring College Recruitment

Top 3 Tips From JTCC's Taka Bertrand Over the past five years, NCAA Tennis has undergone significant changes relating to its structure and recruitment policies. Some of the most notable changes include the use of no-ad scoring, a 6-game doubles set, and a 10-point tiebreak in lieu of a third set once the overall match ...

Vesa Ponkka Combination Drill

JTCC's Senior Director of Tennis, Vesa Ponkka, features in the latest JTCC coaches' insights clip. Vesa runs through a combination drill designed to help you improve both your balance and contact point. Enjoy watching and stayed tuned for the next one!

Looking To The Future At JTCC

By Tyler Byrum - January 28, 2019 Over the past 18 months JTCC has partnered with researchers from the University of Virginia to undertake a comprehensive analysis of JTCC alumni to provide insights on whether 'The JTCC Experience' has been achieving its mission of developing student-athletes who go on to be successful in college and ...

TC Costello Fitness Update

JTCC's Director of Fitness, TC Costello, gives an overview of how things stand just over a month into the 2018 - 2019 programming year It is early days for the new programming year but training been going well so far. It can be a tough adjustment switching from the summer to the fall schedule but ...

Oliver Akli – Aggressive Net Play

JTCC Senior Director, Oliver Akli, stars in the latest JTCC coaches' insights clip. With the help of an excellent drill Oliver explains the technique required to be aggressive at the net. Enjoy watching and stayed tuned for the next video!