Category: Coaches Corner

TC Costello Fitness Update

JTCC's Director of Fitness, TC Costello, gives an overview of how things stand just over a month into the 2018 - 2019 programming year It is early days for the new programming year but training been going well so far. It can be a tough adjustment switching from the summer to the fall schedule but ...

Oliver Akli – Aggressive Net Play

JTCC Senior Director, Oliver Akli, stars in the latest JTCC coaches' insights clip. With the help of an excellent drill Oliver explains the technique required to be aggressive at the net. Enjoy watching and stayed tuned for the next video!

Peter Lee – The Practice of Mental Recovery

JTCC's Mental Conditioning Coach, Peter Lee, stars in the fourth JTCC coaching insight clip. Peter provides an insight into the importance of giving yourself an opportunity to recovery mentally between points. Enjoy watching and stayed tuned for the next video!  

Learning About The Importance Of Deliberate Practice

Over the course of the summer JTCC players, coaches and staff have been using ‘Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise’ by Andres Ericsson and Robert Pool to help improve their performance. The book focuses on five major concepts that everyone at JTCC has spent some time reviewing: The Gift - it is not ...

The Importance of Doubles

JTCC's Director of Mentoring, Megan Moulton-Levy, provides an important reminder about the value of working hard at your doubles game. In tennis, doubles is the unloved step child. It is rarely televised, there isn't much value placed on learning and practicing doubles, the format has been shortened to lessen its importance even more, and players ...

Megan Moulton-Levy: The Art of Transitioning

JTCC Director of Mentoring, Megan Moulton-Levy, stars in the third JTCC coaches' insights clip. Megan runs through the 'The Art of Transitioning' drill designed to help with split step timing as you transition into the net. Enjoy watching and stayed tuned for the next video!

The Pinch Drill with Wilson Mathewes

JTCC Staff Professional, Wilson Mathewes, stars in the second JTCC coaches' insights clip. Wilson runs through the 'Pinch' drill designed to help with directing the ball across court in a high intensity situation. Enjoy watching and stayed tuned for next week's video!